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Episode 3 – Final Days

This vlog is about our Final Days in the Netherlands. But most of all we would like to show you a glimpse of our past 8 years and how we got to the point we are today. We hope you enjoy this video and we see you in Bali!

Counting the days

I was tempted to start this post with a big “yoohoo” or like an “eeaaaakkkkkk” but I decided not to! :-p Or maybe I did just now…But it is pretty much our current excitement level as we are nearing the start of our biggest adventure yet! Only 2 more weeks and then we are in…

Final preparations

There are quite a few things to think about when going on a world trip. Especially when doing it the way we are, by leaving everything behind and starting blank. Since we moved from the house to our rental home we have spent most of our time preparing and arranging all the different things that need…