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Episode 9 – The Gold Coast and Lamington Park

In this episode we take you along during our second week in the campervan. We leave the sandy beaches of the gold coast and Kingscliff for the beautiful mountain views of Lamington national park. We had an amazing time, also some off days as we felt homesick and you get a glimpse of a new…

Episode 6 – Our time in Gili Trawangan

This video is about our time in Gili Trawangan! As you may have read in our earlier blog post, our time in Gili was a bit mixed. We had some good days and some, not so good days 😉 We hope you enjoy this new episode.See you out there, the Meijer’s Don’t forget to check…

Episode 5 – Adventure in Ubud

This episode is about our time in Ubud. We spent one week there in a vila not far from the center. We did a lot of sight seeing and even rented some scooters to get around! We had a great time in Bali and now we are off to our next adventures in Gili Trawangan….

Counting the days

I was tempted to start this post with a big “yoohoo” or like an “eeaaaakkkkkk” but I decided not to! :-p Or maybe I did just now…But it is pretty much our current excitement level as we are nearing the start of our biggest adventure yet! Only 2 more weeks and then we are in…