Welcome family, friends, followers and everybody else! We are the Meijer family, and we are soon to be Full-Time world travelers. A few months from now we are starting on our biggest adventure yet, to travel around the world in Search of Our Dream. What that dream is… well, we don’t really know yet! Finding out however, is a dream all by itself.
We would like for you to join our journey and follow along as we take the plunge into a traveling lifestyle. Our search begins in November 2018 and our first destination is going to be Bali – Indonesia.

We have a few social media channels that we are going to use to keep our friends and family updated, like our YouTube where we will do some vlogs, Instagram, Facebook. There isn’t much going on just yet, most of our planning will begin once we move to our rental home in August. So please check in with us every now and again or subscribe on our website or Youtube channel to see what we are up to next!

Be sure to check out our vlog page to see our latest adventures!

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