Moving day!

This day seemed like it would never come, but then it also went so fast! When we decided to sell our house I thought it would take at least a year or more to find suitable buyers. None of us ever thought it would go this fast.

Our house is not exactly the type of home that everyone is looking for. We had started three years ago on a complete renovation, since it is a more than 100 year old farmhouse. We had already done a great deal in the living area but there is stil so much work left to turn it into a family home again. So it really took us by surprise to see that there was quite some interest! We ended up selling within a month after it came on the market.

So… that took some quick shifting in our thoughts. All of the sudden our plans for this world trip would really come true! Time to pack, but most of all time to sort through years of stuff that had somehow magically gathered in every empty corner of the house… and the shed… and the garage… and well… everywhere really. Since we are only taking our two backpacks and one large suitcase with us, it meant large piles of clothes and houseware items to give to goodwill, and a few things we were able to sell.

Our new home is a small bungalow that stands on a recreational park, it  is small, cozy and suits us very well. There is more than enough to do for our boys untill we leave. Now the time has come for us to start preparing for this life changing trip!

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