Final preparations

There are quite a few things to think about when going on a world trip. Especially when doing it the way we are, by leaving everything behind and starting blank. 
Since we moved from the house to our rental home we have spent most of our time preparing and arranging all the different things that need to be done. Some are easy, and some are not!

Just to keep ourselves encouraged through these last few weeks, we decided to book our flight first. This gave us a real date and time and made all of the dreams we have had for such a long time into a reality.
After doing that we decided to book the first two weeks of accommodation in Bali. We deliberately chose to do just two weeks, because we want to keep our schedule as flexible as possible.

The next thing we wanted to check off our list were the vaccinations! We know there are many different opinions about getting vaccinated or not. We decided to get the “basics” just to give us some peace of mind during our travels. For me and Julien that meant getting three vaccinations total and with a few weeks in between. Luckily our boys only needed one for now since they have all had the standard vaccinations that are offered through the Dutch government program. I think the people that were waiting for their vaccines probably thought our children were being tortured inside! Haha it was a total drama, but the next time we have to get our repeats will be in six months. Hopefully they will feel a little better about it then!

We also had to arrange for some new passports for the kids and me. That was all completed within a week so we have those safely stored for the day that they will receive their first stamp!

These are the things we have checked off our list for now. We still have a few things left to arrange such as; getting our international drivers licence and arranging a good travel insurance.
Since we are planning to leave the country for more than 8 months, we are no longer allowed to be registered as citizens of The Netherlands so we have to arrange that at the municipality office. This also means that our children are no longer obliged by law to go to school, which leaves us free to homeschool / worldschool them during our travels. Something that is completely new to us, but we are looking forward to spending time with them in this way as well.

Well, these are some of the things that have kept us busy these past few weeks. As we make new memories, we will keep you all updated!
We have also spent time making the vlogs that we have on our youtube channel. That is just so much fun to do! We hope it gives you a little glimpse of us as a family and all the craziness that we form 🙂 

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