Counting the days

I was tempted to start this post with a big “yoohoo” or like an “eeaaaakkkkkk” but I decided not to! :-p Or maybe I did just now…
But it is pretty much our current excitement level as we are nearing the start of our biggest adventure yet! Only 2 more weeks and then we are in the air flying towards Bali. Flying towards a future where nothing is certain anymore, and yet, we have never felt less afraid of what may come than now. 

So to keep things a little up to date: Our initial plan was to just book a one way ticket to Bali and go with the flow from there on. However we decided to take Bali as a “short” holiday. We’ve had such a chaotic couple of years, we could really use a “time out” as a family to just chill and do… well mostly nothing! So we will just relax and take things easy the few weeks that we are in Bali, a way to come to reality about this big step that we have taken as a family. Because all this sometimes just feels so unreal… I don’t think my mind can fully comprehend what is about to happen, until we are actually standing at the airport with our three boys and equal amount of suitcases.
After our few weeks in Bali, we leave for our second destination. We decided to leave Asia for (hopefully) a later visit and head down south to Australia! But, we will tell you all about our plans down under at a later time 🙂

For now, we have checked almost everything from our to do list. Almost all of our “stuff” has gone to a better place, and the first items have found their way safely into our backpacks and suitcase. So… crazy times these are, kind of, but like a really good crazy that just makes you want to burst out and scream sometimes or do a funky dance when no one is watching hahaha.

Oh and we are also working on a third vlog which we hope to post before we leave. This one has a little extra “get to know us kind of touch” so that is exciting and we hope you will continue to follow along with this crazy pack of humans 🙂

See you out there, the Meijer’s 

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