Brisbane – Australia

We made it safely to Australia! Some of you probably already knew this through our other posts, but now you really know 😉
You wouldn’t think it could be tough getting from Bali to Australia, yep that is what we thought… but it is! It took us about 28 hours to get there, with three kids that is a little intense. However we cannot complain at all because our little group of boys did so well again! They are traveling as if they have done so all their lives.

Our journey began by leaving Gili Trawangan. We took a fast boat that brought us back to the harbor in Bali in about 2 hours. This time we sat way in the back where the rocking of the boat was less and there was a bit more wind. So no nausea or overheating this time which was great considering that we still had a ways to go!

Next up was the shuttle bus, now if any of you have been in Bali you will know that they try to sell you everything they possibly can and for the highest price they can get. Everybody thinks of clever ways to get tourists to spend money, same goes when arriving at the harbor in Padang Bai. Do not believe a word of what they tell you there! 
We had pre-booked a shuttle bus to take us straight to the airport upon arrival. As soon as we stepped out of the boat there was someone there, all organized and ready to show us they way to our bus. So we followed this kind man through the masses of people getting on and off the boats, our boys following anxiously in the heat with their little back packs on. Then this kind man starts telling us the bus will take three hours to get to the airport because it has to go to all sorts of different places to drop people off along the way. He then tries to get us to book a private car with him for a “very good price” that would go directly to the airport in just over an hour. It might sound silly now, but when you are in the busy crowds, with very heavy luggage, little kids and temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius it sounds like a good idea. Long story short… we decided to just take the shuttle bus we already booked. The man was a lot less friendly all of the sudden. We got to our bus, and guess what… everybody in the bus was going straight to the airport, no three hour drive past all sorts of other towns first.
Now it was just a drive of about 1,5 hours, cramped with 3 adults and 3 children in the back seat of a bus with little to no airco… but again we made it surprisingly well! 

Last was our wait at the airport until our flight would leave at 10 in the evening. Luckily the kids have their bags with toys along and their was plenty of room in a back area of the terminal for them to play and get rid of some energy. After we got through the checkpoints and out to the gates we could finally relax a little more, we made the biggest part of our day. Everybody was still in good spirits, and slowly getting a bit sleepy as well! 
We had a little bus that brought us to the airplane, another new moment for the boys to experience driving out there among all the big airplanes.

The flight to Brisbane was just a short one compared to our previous one. It took us just under 6 hours to get there. Since it was a night flight it didn’t take too long for all the boys to fall asleep. Unfortunately mom and dad didn’t get any sleep, there was a lot of turbulence and I think everyone knows the seats don’t really allow for much comfort 😉 We did get some amazing views during the night though as we flew through a couple of thunder storms, it is spectacular to see lightning from above that lights up the big clouds all around you.

Brisbane, Australia… we are so glad to be here now! Arriving just before 6 in the morning it was quite chilly after being in Bali those few weeks. The boys weren’t too happy about going through all the checks at the airport again but they held up real good. Oliver was the easiest as he just decided to continue sleeping in my arms all through security, getting the baggage, the walk through the terminal, all through the taxi drive to our little airbnb home, during the walk to the nearest restaurant that was open this early and didn’t wake up until we were seated with a drink at our table. Amazing right!?

We actually couldn’t enter our new home until after 1 pm, and it was 7 am when we left the airport. We didn’t know where else to go so we had the taxi drop us off at the address of the new house and just walked through the streets looking for a sport that was open where we could sit for a bit. 
Sounds quite simple, but not when you have had such a long day of traveling already. Everyone was still very tired and being full-time travelers there is a bit of luggage that had to be dragged along… this was a bit of a breaking point right there. Once we sat down at the Subway, Ethan just fell right back asleep with his head on the table. Moments like that are so hard as a parent, we made the decision to travel like this. But the actual travel days are rough on us, and it does hurt to see the kids having a hard time getting through those final hours. Having to push everyone just a little more than we would like to get to our destination. Luckily we were allowed to go into our new house a lot earlier by the hosts, they were such nice people! 
First thing everyone did after unpacking was having a nice long nap… we have arrived.

We think it is safe to say that we prefer countries with a little more rules, especially traffic rules! It was so nice to just be able to cross the street with the kids without having to wait for minutes to find a gap to get through. Or go grocery shopping without negotiating the price of every article you want to buy. After being in Bali and Gili, walking through the streets in Brisbane and the surrounding areas everything is so unbelievably clean and organized! Never thought I would state that as something special :-p
But that is one thing that really strikes us as we go around here, just how clean the streets are. The people here are very friendly and no one seems to be in a hurry, we have had the nicest chats with random strangers because everyone seems to have time for one!

So our first four days here in Brisbane are just nice and chill, we stayed at a really great airbnb (if you are ever looking for a place close to the airport and the city, we’d recommend this one!) We were just minutes from the ocean, where they had a wading pool for kids and a large water playground. We also took the train one day into the city to do some sight seeing, but other than that it was mostly just relaxing and getting ready for our time in the camper-van. 

We have been traveling with the van for almost a week now, but I will update you on that next time because this is already a long story! Our blogs or posts might be a little behind but we are trying to get back up to date 🙂 Our new vlog about our travel day and our first few days in Brisbane is coming up soon so stay in touch!

See you out there, the Meijer’s.

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