Gold Coast and Lamington – Australia

It has been quiet on the blog everyone, sorry! A lot has happened but I will tell you all about that as time goes on. First let’s play some catch up with our time in the camper van!

So last time I wrote we were spending a few days in the Gold Coast to just catch a breath and look at some of our next destinations. What I did not tell you is that I (Tanja) got my very first tattoo there! Yup… something I had been wanting to do for years but never really had the guts to do. Before going to Australia we had already looked up some good tattoo artists and found that the number one tattoo shop of Australia was situated in the Gold Coast. So, if you are going to get a tattoo, might as well be with the best in the country right!? Something I did not regret at all, it looks super good and exactly as refined as I had pictured it to be. My amazing sister made the design and I am happy to carry with me this reminder of what is important and special to me. Best of all it didn’t even hurt as much as I thought it would!

We had planned to go from Gold Coast to Kingscliff and then head on down to Byron Bay… but… the day we left for Kingscliff was a grey, chilly and rainy day, and our mood was the same. We had one of those days where you catch yourself thinking “What am I doing here, and why did we leave every comfort and everything known to us behind”. Our nights in the camper aren’t great, and the tent isn’t that much better either! I guess it’s logical that feeling cold, cramped and a bit tired makes you long for home. It is difficult to pick yourself up on those days, especially since both of us were feeling that way.
Our drive down to Kingscliff wasn’t far, we arrived there in the morning. First we had a nice breakfast at the esplanade and then headed to the beach. It was still very windy and grey, but that did make it nice to just stand there and have the cold wind blow in our faces, hoping it would blow away some of our homesick thoughts.

We didn’t hang around very long. Instead of heading down to Byron Bay we thought a change of scenery would be nice, we had been seeing a lot of beach lately and wanted to go a bit more inland and see some jungle and mountains. So we were off to Lamington national park!

If you are going to Australia, this place is definitely a recommendation. Just the drive up there is amazing with all the winding roads and views of beautiful valleys! We booked a camping spot at Binna Burra Lodge, which is high up in the hills. It was a very nice place, although I must be honost that we probably brought the average visitor age down from 60+.
First thing we did was look for the few warm clothes we brought along for our trip, as it was so much colder up there than at the coast! I think the average temperature was about 18 degrees and at night it dropped a little more.
Once unpacked we were greeted by a very rare guest at the lodge, a really really really big snake! I have never seen a snake this big, just sliding around outside. Usually these guys are behind thick glass windows at the zoo, just makes it so crazy and amazing to be there. At the same time, it reminds you that Australia can be dangerous at times when it comes to wildlife, especially when you have small kids that want to touch and pick up everything they see.

Our second day at Lamington we went for a hike. There are different trails you can follow from the lodge, we decided to do a 4 km hike that would take us to some caves in the hills. It was so incredibly beautiful, a picture just doesn’t do justice to what your eyes see out there. Enormous trees, big plants, the weirdest bird sounds and awesome views. Again though, this hike took us past some pretty steep mountain sides so it was a bit scary at some parts to walk there with the kids. But everything went well, perhaps a few bumps and scratches, and once again our boys were real troopers to walk the entire trail!
When it slowly got dark we made camp fires and had hot chocolate, we do love the camp grounds that allow for camp fires they just add a little magic (and in this case also a much needed warmth) Once it was completely dark the boys went out with our neighbors to look for some wildlife with their torches, they saw pademelons (like a small kangaroo type), giant bats (I think they call them flying foxes) and possums all just right around our camp sites.

We spent two days at Binna Burra and then we were ready to go back to the warm beaches again.
Our next destination is Byron Bay! Home of the famous “Thor” and a place that many have recommended us to go see.

Hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are, our days go up and down much like the roads we are driving down here but we hope you enjoy following along with our adventures.

See you out there, the Meijer’s.

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  • Ria Stigter

    December 25, 2018 at 4:56 pm

    Lieve Tanja en Julien,
    Wij wensen jullie en de jongens hele prettige en ook bijzondere Kerstdagen in Australie. Geniet volop van jullie mooie wereldreis nu en in 2019. Nog heel veel mooie reisavonturen. Wij volgen jullie steeds. Lieve groetjes, Gerrit en Ria Stigter


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