Ubud – Bali

Time flies when you are having fun! This is totally true as I am sitting here, thinking about our past week in Ubud and all the things that we have done.
It has been a week of truly getting to know Bali. We have done a lot more sightseeing this week and have even dared to rent some scooters!

Ubud is a totally different place than Kuta, first of all there is a lot less traffic even though it is still a busy place. There are so many lovely restaurants and cafeterias, especially if you are into more healthy food like us. So we have jumped on our scooters several times to check out the shops and to get some tasty meals.

Most of all this week has been about the different sights we went to see. Our first trip was to the Tegalalang rice terrace. This was one of the places we had looked forward to visiting, after seeing so many beautiful pictures on the internet. Our experience however was a quite a disappointment. 
The day we were going to go, we woke up feeling a little out of the sorts, but we decided to go anyway. By the time we got to the rice terrace we felt horrible! We ended up sitting on a deck of a restaurant which had a beautiful view, but other than one or two foto’s we didn’t get much of it. The kids had some ice cream and then we were right back on our scooters home, where we felt like we died the rest of the day :-p Lucky for us it was a “one day” kind of thing and we felt perfectly fine the next day! But it was really sad that we didn’t get to see the rice terrace properly and we didn’t get around to going there a second time.

Next on our list was the campuhan ridge walk which is just a 10 minute scooter ride from our villa here in Ubud. We thought the start of the trek was the nicest with the huge “jungle like” trees and the river running beneath the bridge. Just the walk up to the ridge was a lot for the boys, but they did a really good job and it was a nice view from above. We cannot say that it met the expectations however, the more known places are so crowded with shops, restaurants, food stalls and people trying to sell you everything and anything. It takes away some of the beauty for us. But being able to experience these moments as a family and seeing these places through the eyes of our children is a special thing.

The final place that we went to see was the Teganungan waterfall, now that is a beautiful place, and our favorite of the week. It was another nice ride with the scooters to get there, I was a bit disappointed to see so many shops again and so many people trying to sell you things. But that was just at the beginning, as we started going down towards the waterfall it was just amazing and so beautiful. We had a lot of rain the night before so the waterfall was so rough and big, a true force of nature. 
When going down the steps there was a smaller waterfall that we could stand under. Even the boys did and it was a really cool experience!

Other than all these things, we just chilled with the kids at the lovely villa we had. We played in the pool a lot and both the boys are making huge progress in how well they can swim.
Going from one place to another is exciting with all the new things that await, but with kids it also takes some time adjusting. We are really proud of our boys in how they take to moving around like this.
We still have so many places to go and people to meet, but already the decision to drop everything and travel with our boys is totally worth it.

This pretty much sums up most of our week here in Ubud! We are now off to experience true island life on Gili Trawangan for a few days, we will keep you posted about our time there 🙂

See you out there, the Meijer’s

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  • Ria Stigter

    November 17, 2018 at 4:58 pm

    We zijn weer een beetje met jullie meegereisd door het warme, drukke, indrukwekkende Bali. Het lijkt ons een hele belevenis en goed om te horen dat jullie genieten. We zijn niet verbaasd om te lezen dat het op sommige plaatsen erg druk en toeristisch is en dat de bewoners proberen om overal dingen te koop aan te bieden, maar het is toch iets bijzonders om er rond te reizen. Jammer dat jullie 1 dag ziek zijn geweest … misschien toch iets gegeten of gedronken wat niet goed is gevallen. Het blijft opletten in deze landen. Jullie genieten van zon en warmte, wij hebben temperaturen rondom het vriespunt en het wordt komende week nog iets kouder. Dus … geniet van alle warmte, ook al is het soms een beetje te warm. Sint Nicolaas en zijn zwarte Pieten zijn vandaag in Nederland gearriveerd, dus Gerrit mag vanavond zijn schoentje zettten….. ! Lieve groetjes en we kijken weer uit naar jullie nieuwe avonturen. Gerrit en Ria


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