Kuta utara – Bali

We are wrapping up our time here at our villa in Kuta. Tomorrow morning we will pack our things and head to Ubud. We are looking forward to our time there, as we plan to do some more tours and sightseeing.

Our first week here in Bali was really all about adjusting to the climate, the time change, a whole new culture, new food and the fact that we are now officially full-time travelers! 
We definitely needed a few days to get used to the time change as it is a 7 hour difference from the Netherlands. Especially the kids had a couple of rough nights where we spent a few hours playing in the living room… in the middle of the night because they were wide awake!

Our villa is perfect for this first week. We are just a short distance from the busy main roads, but we have almost no noise from all the traffic. We like the fact that so much of our time is spent outdoors, our kitchen and dining room are outside with just a roof but no walls. Our rooms are big and clean and the kids are loving the pool so much. Ethan wasn’t completely done with his swimming lessons before we left Holland, but after this first week he is swimming like a pro without any help!

I don’t know if it was because of the lack of sleep the first few days or the fact that we have just taken such a big step in our lives, but our thoughts and emotions were all over the place the first few days. So we did feel a little lost for about 2 or 3 days. Now by the end of the week we have definitely found our feet here in the beautiful Bali, and have actually had a great first week.

It took some adjusting to the way things go around here, especially in traffic! I mean, Mario Kart has never before been such a reality as it is here, the goal just seems to be, to not get hit by everybody else.  Also where our villa is there are no side walks next to the busy roads so just going out to get some food, or strolling past the local shops was not really possible with the kids. That was a bit of a let down for us, because we like taking them everywhere with us and let them experience all these new things but this just didn’t feel safe enough. After a few days however we discovered an app called “Grab” for transportation and that gave us a lot more freedom. So these past few days we have been out for some sightseeing at the beaches and shopping area’s here in the south of Bali.

The children are doing so great on our travel so far, they totally surprised us in how well they adjust to going in taxi’s, shops, speaking English and sleeping in a different house. The food took a few days for them to get used to but the last few meals they actually dared to try some new things and they even have some favorites now 🙂 and by them I mean mostly Ethan and Graham, because Oliver is like a super baby! He just keeps on going. He eats everything, he sleeps everywhere and he totally loves being the center of attention everywhere we go. All the locals want to pinch his cheeks and give high five’s, by now he is almost disappointed when someone doesn’t wave back at him!

All in all we feel rested and adjusted after this first week, and that was the goal we had for our time here in Kuta. We loved seeing the beaches here in the south. Where we lived in Holland there were no beaches close by so the boys had only been once, before we came here. They loooove the beach! We have been to Petitenget beach which is a nice and quiet beach but the waves were very high. Next we went to Kuta beach which was also nice but very crowded with people trying to sell things. It was nice watching the surfers though, the waves were still too high for the kids to really swim. The last beach we went to was Sanur beach, we thought this was the nicest one. Not too crowded, but still with lots of nice places to eat and relax. The waves were calm and the kids could try out there diving goggles.

Now we are off to Ubud which is more towards the center of Bali. This will be a place where we would like to go out for more sight seeing. We would like to go to some waterfalls, temples, rice paddies and we might even take a trip to Mount Batur. So we’ll keep you posted about what we are up to next!

See you out there, the Meijer’s 


  • Ria Si

    November 10, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    Ik geniet enorm van jullie verhalen. Fijn dat de vluchten goed zijn verlopen en dat de jongens het allemaal goed hebben overleefd. Zo’n lange vlucht, tijdverschil, tropische temperaturen en een hele nieuwe wereld, het moet veel indruk op jullie allemaal maken. Wat zullen jullie genieten …. !!!
    Nu dus op weg naar Ubud! Ik heb het opgezocht op google en dat moet echt mooi zijn. Dus weer een nieuw aventuur. Ger en ik volgen jullie steeds en voelen of we een beetje met jullie deze reis gaan mee beleven. Nog veel plezier en lieve groetjes uit Ruurlo. Ria

    • Julien

      November 10, 2018 at 3:53 pm

      Hoi Ria, bedankt voor je leuke bericht! Leuk dat jullie van onze avonturen genieten en met ons mee volgen. Morgen gaan wij verhuizen naar Ubud :-). Daar schijnt het echt mega mooi te zijn! Wij houden jullie op hoogte. Groetjes Julien, Tanja en de Kids!

    • Ria Plaisier

      November 10, 2018 at 7:11 pm

      So heerlik om so te lees wat julle meemaak. We lm bietjie dubbel, want ons viel wel ń gemis hier in ons harte en ook vandag so by die verjaarsdag van Aaron en Noah, was julle plekkie leeg. Maar ons gun dit julle met heel ons hart. Sterkte met die in pak en ons sien uit na julle volgende avontuur.

  • Ria Stigter

    November 10, 2018 at 3:52 pm

    We genieten enorm van jullie berichten. Wat fijn dat de vluchten goed zijn verlopen en dat de jongens het goed hebben overleefd. Wat een indrukken moeten jullie hebben. Een lange reis, tijdverschil, tropische temperaturen en een hele andere wereld. Maar zo te lezen gaat het jullie allemaal goed af. Nu onderweg naar Ubud. Even op Google gekeken en dat moet erg mooi zijn. Dus weer nieuwe avonturen. Geniet er van en we kijken weer uit naar jullie nieuwe belevenissen daar. Lieve groetjes uit Ruurlo van Gerrit eb Ria Stigter

  • Otties

    November 11, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    Hello Meijer family,

    Hope you will find your dream. I enjoyed watching your video episode 4. It was wonderful, amazing, excellent, marvellous, remarkable, outstanding, fabulous, grand, grandiose, splendid, delightful, magnificent, dazzling, brilliant, super, cool, outrageous, beautiful, sparkling, terrific and…………………….. GREAT.

    Looking forward to seeing the next episode.

    Greetings from Assen, The Netherlands.



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