And then it begins…

And so, after weeks of waiting and planning for our trip, the day has finally arrived! We were excited, nervous, sad, happy and I think probably every other emotion possible to man kind.
As was to be expected, we had almost no sleep during our final night in the Netherlands. We ended up getting out of bed by 4 in the morning and slowly got ready for a long day of traveling, we had to leave for the airport at 5.30. We had almost 19 hours of travel ahead of us, and with the time zones changing it meant we would arrive in Bali 24 hours after leaving the Netherlands.

Ethan was super excited to go and couldn’t wait to get on the plane, he literally jumped out of bed when we woke him in the morning. Graham had a little more trouble waking up and didn’t quite seem to realize what was about to happen. Oliver, well he was just Oliver as usual, smiling all the way.

My biggest fear for this coming journey was how the kids would behave on a 12 hour flight, with no previous experience. I had read a lot of terrible stories of children crying for hours and getting “the stare” from other passengers because your child is uncontrollable. I think this is what all parents fear and what probably keeps a lot of us from going on long trips with our kids. But the moment of our take-off came and the kids were just amazing! All my fears were for no reason and we were super proud of our boys. So a very big YEAH!

If I could give any tips to other people going on long flights it would be this; – pack a lot of snacks because there is a big chance your children are not going to like the food that is served on the plane and it also helps to just keep them distracted and busy for a while.
–  Do not read all the bad stories out there about horrible flights, you might end up feeling anxious and stressed for no reason (like I was!)
– Probably a lot more things, but I guess these were the biggest for me. I will let you know once we have had more flight hours :-p

I often tell myself that we are able to handle a lot more than we think we can. You know when it is like your mind starts shutting things down because you think this is it, I can’t go on, hit the brakes. Well during this long day of traveling I had one of those moments. We had just gotten of our flight from Amsterdam to Singapore, it was 6 in the morning (local time) but for our bodies it was 12 at night. We had no sleep at all during the flight (not even the kids!), everybody was tired and a bit hungry and we had to hurry to get to our connecting flight on time because our previous flight arrived later than expected.

At this point we had been up for 24 hours, and I just wanted to stop going. No more flying in another flight for more than 2 hours, no more finding a taxi on the other side to get to our rental villa. But there is no stopping, so I had my moment. “you can do more than you think you can!” it worked, at least a little 😉
Our second flight went even better than the first one, the kids all fell asleep shortly after take off (finally) so we could finally relax a little and let the moment sink in that our lives will now forever be changed.

Now after 20 hours of cars, planes and airports we arrived in Bali! What a beautiful flight that last one was, passing over dozens of tiny islands and perfectly blue waters. 

The final part of our journey went really fast, it was only a half an hour drive to our villa from the airport. Everything was ready for us when we arrived, the local staff is so very friendly. And the first thing our boys did was jump in the pool!

Now it is time to relax, get over the jetlag and let everything sink in. Our minds and emotions are all over the place right now, I think it will take a few days, or perhaps even a few weeks for us to truly realize that this is not just a holiday but the start of a very big, epic, amazing family adventure!

We will be back soon for a blog post of our first week in Kuta Utara, Bali.

See you out there, the Meijer’s 


  • ria stigter

    November 7, 2018 at 4:04 pm

    I really enjoy reading all the news about your adventure!!! How wonderful to know that the long flight went well. I am so jealous !! Love, Ria

  • Sebastiaan en Merijn

    November 7, 2018 at 7:19 pm

    Hoi Graham, Ethan en Oliver,

    Sebastiaan: “Ik mis jullie heel erg en ik vind het heel jammer dat jullie weg zijn, veel plezier en leuke vakantie!”

    Merijn: “Ik mis je Ethan en Graham. Goeie wereldreis! Doei doei Merijn”

    • Julien

      November 10, 2018 at 3:57 pm

      Hey Sebastiaan en Merijn, wat supercool dat jullie een berichtje sturen naar Ethan, Graham en Oliver!
      Ethan en Graham: Wij missen jullie en school ook, maar het zwembad en de zee zijn ook gaaf. Wij gaan morgen naar ons nieuwe huisje in Ubud.
      Leuk dat jullie ons volgen!


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