Hi there! We are Julien, Tanja, Ethan, Graham and Oliver and here is a short story of how we got to the place we are today.

Over the past three years we have kept ourselves busy renovating a very old farmhouse. It was a beautiful project and we thought this was the dream. Our adventure, to take something completely broken and invest our time and love and create a place where we could grow old with our kids. We thought this was the cure to the unrest we kept feeling. For sure this is the dream of many, and rightfully so. However, now, three years into our project we realised that instead of being energized and inspired by this place it is only dragging us down. Why?
We started feeling chained instead of free and stressed instead of relaxed. It took us quite some time to understand why we kept feeling this way. We just can’t seem to fit ourselves into the place that we have created. We felt caged somehow, even though there was no reason for it.
This all lead us to the point where we decided we wanted to let go of everything. To start completely blank, with nothing to hold us in one place. That is how we took the step of selling everything we own and getting rid of all our debt.

This is the place we are at, right now. We have two backpacks and one suitcase, anything we want to take with us will have to fit in there! It is crazy to explain how incredibly free that feels. We have a global idea of the countries we would like to visit, but we made no plans. This is going to be the first time we travel with our kids, so we plan to take things real easy. Allowing us to slowly get accustomed to traveling and meeting new people, seeing different cultures.

In the end, the goal of our travels is to find out what our dreams are for this life. Where we would like to be, and if there even is just one place that will truly feel like home for us. At times we both think we might even keep traveling indefinite if all goes well. Who knows! But for now, we just go… no plans, no schedule, just a deep longing to go out there and see.
We hope to meet lots of new people and share our lives with others, to show our children that there is so much more out there. If possible, we would like to think that we can leave each place a little better than we found it. Whether that is sharing our knowledge, giving our time and energy to projects or just by spending time with people. I know our lives will definitely be enriched by all there is to learn from others!

We hope you will follow along on this adventure with us!